Women are among the main victims of rape, most of them because of the shame and guilt that these thoughts are born of the existence of the Islamic dictatorial government that rules the Iranian society. Unfortunately, asylum seekers do not follow the case and unfortunately one of the painful problems in our country is sacrifice. A number of women are raped. It is believed that these victims, like thousands of other victims around the world, hide this painful experience because of their sense of shame and guilt and fear of being rejected by society. In some cases, even a woman who has been raped is imprisoned and convicted and even executed. You may have all heard or read about the case of Reyhaneh Jabbari and hundreds of other women like her. It is even difficult to speak, write and research in this field in our country, Iran, because despite the Islamic dictatorial system that governs society, which is itself a major aggressor and aggression is a common form of torture in prisons, and victims who speak out against the aggression and seek justice. People in the government of the Islamic Republic are being assassinated, and we have witnessed the rape of those who are in a high position in the ruling regime in Iran. For example, I can say Salman Khodadayi, who is one of the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. A young woman who was repeatedly threatened by the man after the revelation, until He was killed and there is not much information available. And Zahra and thousands of girls and women in Iran are victims of this corrupt and dictatorial Islamic system, and of course in some cases (boys are not separated from this crime), and unfortunately children are also victims of this crime. Rape, which can last up to ten minutes at a time, can cause serious injuries that can affect a victim for months or years. For many women, their lives turn upside down overnight, and they may never return to their original state.

    Some of them are victims of multiple rapes, whose physical and psychological rape is not limited to one case, and they are repeatedly raped. They are often raped by their loved ones or are victims of gang rape. Many rape victims suffer from one or more mild, moderate, or severe periods of depression that can even be accompanied by suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts. The victim thinks that he has committed an ugly act by allowing the aggressor to violate his privacy. In other words, the person blames himself or herself for the incident and constantly blames himself or herself for the incident. The victim, thinking that others may be aware of this, is deeply frightened and ashamed. Shame on you for being a “dirty”, “ugly” and “dirty” creature that maybe no one will ever love: The victim may feel terrified that it could be a mixture of shame and guilt. Ugliness and knowing that there is no social support needed. For example, the victim may be afraid that the police will not pursue the case, or punish the perpetrator, or be complicit with the perpetrator, which is unfortunately the case in many cases in Iran, or that the victim does not know or think the right way to contact the security forces. Reporting the family’s reputation will be undermined, and the perpetrator will later retaliate, leaving a heavy psychological burden on the victim’s mind, body, and body. One may remember the scene of the rape at any moment; To dream; Be confused and confused and insomniac or insomniac; Be in a state of error, deaf ears and lack of concentration; Get angry soon; Avoid activities that are reminiscent of rape; Avoid going to the place where you were raped; Limit his social activities, and eventually move on to anxiety and depression. This mental disorder may be so severe that the victim suppresses his or her sexual desire for months and years, does not enjoy intercourse, and even avoids close physical and sexual contact with the opposite sex as much as possible, and feels disgust and hatred for the opposite sex. Raise yourself.

    We women must join the Me too Campaign, not aggression, but Iran, Europe and the United States, and work together to raise awareness and solidarity to eradicate crime and aggression, and it is we who must commit this great crime. Let’s bring the Islamic Republic to the attention of the world and we can not be ineffective in uniting this root of oppression and crime by uniting with each other, and by joining this campaign (me-also) that is made up of you and me, we will fight more sexual harms. And to identify and inform its agents, and to teach our children and ourselves the courage and strength to say no, and to cause the healthy growth of the soul and psyche. Let’s be our children and support those who have been victims of these horrible tragedies for years and have been silenced by fear and shame and guilt or guilt and guilt and can bring life back to them. Let us remember that we are strong women with unity together. We will have a quiet life away from the horrible things that happen to our children.

    Good luck and proud women of my country wish peace and freedom for Iran and my compatriots

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